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Expert Racquet Stringing

Servicing North San Diego for 25+ years

Former Director of Sales, USRSA

La Costa Resort Tennis Pro (1986-1992)

How does your service stand out?

With over 25+ years of stringing experience in various arenas from Commercial, Resort and Recreational; I have vast product knowledge and seasoned expertize to provide the best personal stringing experience needed to improve your game.

My methodology in stringing is professional, accurate, concise and done in a manner that can only be outstanding with my clients in mind. I take pride in providing a high level of stringing services and am happy to answer any questions or concerns to ensure your best playing ability.  

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

"I have the ability to directly affect someone's playing experience.   I enjoy being able to listen to my client's needs and/or concerns on the tennis court and find out what is not working in their game.  

We then work on a plan to provide the specific stringing service that will allow them to play and exceed to the best of their ability."

1989 - Larry with the "father" and pioneer of tennis racquet
customization, ​Mr. ​Warren Bosworth at La Costa Resort and Spa.

This is how it's done...

Larry the "Tennis" Guy


Tennis Stringing since 1988